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What is Phantom Power for, and how much do you need?

Phantom power refers to a device that is not powered by a power cord or battery or a conventional power supply. Usually it is part of the connecting cable to the device and a powered device appears to have no external power or "phantom power". A "Condenser" type microphone requires power in order for it to work. Many have places inside the microphone for batteries. All condenser microphones should operate on Phantom Power which is simply a voltage that runs from the mixer down the microphone cable and to the microphone. This eliminates the hassle of changing batteries. All Rolls mixers and mixer/amplifiers provide phantom power. You may have heard an old industry standard voltage for phantom power of 48 volts. While this may be true, most condenser microphones will operate on 9 to 12 VDC of phantom power. Rolls mixers and mixer/amplifiers use 12 to 48 volts depending on the model #. With phantom powered Mic's the important thing for proper operation is usually current, not voltage. Even though the phantom voltage of a Rolls product may be 12V the circuit is made to deliver the same current (amps) as a 48V system. It is important to note that very few devices still have to have 48 volts in order to draw enough current.

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