Rolls Frequently Asked Questions

How much amplifier power do I need?

The amount of amplifier power needed for your application will largely depend on the size of the room you're putting the sound into. Obviously, larger rooms require more amplifier power. A small board room is fittingly powered by a simple PA71 if a single microphone and single source needs to be amplified to a small speaker. However, large banquet rooms or ballrooms may require large or even multiple amplifiers to be sufficiently powered. For large applications, this decision should be left to a qualified professional only. This is usually a difficult question that can only be answered by a sound contractor. Some people just get a huge amplifier and speakers thinking they will just turn it up to the level they need. But, besides being dangerous, this can lead to many "bad sound" problems associated with the particular venue being used. If "good sound" was just a matter of size and power, there would be no small equipment.

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