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MU118 Digital Multimeter with Frequency Measurement and Temperature sensor.Too many features to list here, look at the picture carefully. Uses standard 9v battery (included)Click on "Larger Image" for a better look


  • Measures DCV up to 1K volts
  • Measures ACV up to 700 volts
  • Measures AC amps up to 200ma
  • Measures DC amps up to 20 amps(careful!!)
  • Measures Capacitance 20pf to 20uf
  • Built in continuity buzzer and Diode test
  • Measures 10 Ohms to 20meg Ohms resistance
  • Measures frequency 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Temperature -84 to +400 deg C


  • Size 3.75" X 7" X 2" in yellow soft surround
  • Power is standard 9v battery
  • Supplied with voltage and temperature probes
  • ON/OFF switch so selector doesn't need to move