The RP8 Dual Momentary Foot Switch

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The RP8 is a dual momentary contact foot switch with a single TRS 1/4\\\\\\\" input/output connector. The sleeve of the jack is common to the 2 switches and the tip connects to one switch and the ring to the other. When a switch is pressed the tip or ring is shorted to the sleeve. This is intended for general purpose use where a momentary switch is needed as on some guitar amps, keyboard sustain pedals, etc..

The RP8 Dual Momentary Foot Switch

  • 1/4” TRS Connection
  • 2 Momentary Normally OFF switches


  • Momentary switches:
  • Effect 1 grounds the tip, Effect 2 grounds the ring
  • Compact Size 3 X 5 X 1 inch