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SB126 Starting buzzer/tone generator was designed to generate a tone to start sporting events or anywhere a 600 Hz tone is needed. When the switch is depressed the LED will light and a tone will be sent out to both the 1/4\\\" and XLR jacks for the duration of time the button is pressed.


  • 1/4" MONO line level jack for connection to a PA system or power amp.
  • XLR MIC level output jack for connection to a balanced microphone input of a mixer or PA system.
  • Switch for activating the tone/ signal.
  • 9V external battery compartment.


  • Very low battery drain battery should last years
  • Size about 3"X3"X1.5"
  • Steel chassis powder coat paint for durability
  • Utilizes XLR Microphone phantom power for power if available